Garden Center located at 10480 W. 80th Street, Lonsdale, MN 55046




Don't like getting your hands dirty or don't want to plant your own containers?  No problem! Bring us your containers and we will plant the for you!  We do a lot of graduation and wedding containers!   



We will plant downtown planters, golf courses, do window boxes, and flower beds.  We also will grow large hanging baskets for downtown areas.  Just give Karen a call at 507-271-8347 to work out the details! We do fall and winter arrangements as well!



Need help with a yard project? Not sure what to plant?  Let us help! We will help you lay out a design and help you choose the right plants!  We will even plant it for you too!  Super affordable!  Give Karen a call 507-271-8347 to make arrangements! 



Need to raise money for something?  We can help!  We will make it so simple you won't even know your running an fundraiser!  For Spring/Summer fundraisers, all flowers, plants, and hanging baskets would be available by Mother's Day!  Call Karen at 507-271-8347 for options and details deliver right to your location.  

We offer garden center tours!  We have had 4H groups, Sunday School groups, day cares centers, school children, girl scouts and boy scouts to mention a few! Just give Karen a call at 507-271-8347 to get on the schedule! 


Are looking to get together with a few girls for a fun nights out?  Maybe a neighborhood girls outing, a family get together or maybe a Birthday Party for your daughter (fairy gardens are popular)?  Maybe you have something in mind, maybe you don't! No problem, call Karen at 507-271-8347 to get your plans in motion!